Card Reader Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®


Designed to clean Card Reader (chip and pin) as well as the magnetic stripe reader.

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Cleaning Card

This Waffletechnology® cleaning card is designed to the clean read pins located inside all smart card or EMV (chip and pin) Card Reader, as well as the magnetic stripe reader. The sensitive pins allow communication between the credit card and the card reader; keeping these card reader contact pins clean is essential to the POS (Point of Sale) Card Reader ability to read information from the card. Use this product once per week to help avoid credit card misreads.

40 Cards Per Box

Use On

  • EMV / Chip and Pin
  • Hotel Door Lock
  • Manual ATM
  • Other Swipe and Dip
  • Pay at the Pump
  • Player Tracking
  • POS Devices
  • Self Serve Kiosks

When to Clean

Clean your Card Reader once per week. Clean more frequently after periods of high usage.

Cleaning should be done more frequently, especially areas prone to an abundance of grease, food particles and grime. Failure to clean frequently can cause system failure, device downtime and customer frustration.

Dirty Device Symptoms:

  • Card rejection
  • Reader error
  • Repeated swipes